Welcome to our group, Oscar!

Oscar Soto Rivera joined our team for his bachelor's thesis. He will be working on the characterization and reduction of analog circuit noise for a portable nanoparticle detection device and on the development of a power board for this device. Welcome on board![mehr]


PhD defense: Congratulations Nouran!

Nouran successfully defend her PhD thesis on “Inkjet-printed electrochemical devices for bioelectronics”. During her PhD she developed a variety of printed bioelectronic devices and electrochemical sensor arrays for rapid and sensitive detection of analytes. Her results were...[mehr]


Welcome to our lab, Francisco!

We welcome Francisco Zurita to our team! Francisco is currently investigating the influence of the geometry on the signal propagation in a heart muscle cell network. For this purpose, he uses calcium imaging techniques. Welcome to the lab! [mehr]


Nouran’s and Jan’s paper on low-cost printed carbon microelectrode arrays is online

Nouran's & Jan’s paper on “Rapid Prototyping of Ultralow‐Cost, Inkjet‐Printed Carbon Microelectrodes for Flexible Bioelectronic Devices” has been published in Advanced Biosystems. To find out more about the printed microelectrode arrays for flexible, bioelectronics, please...[mehr]


New student projects available

Two new projects at the BSc/MSc level are available in our group. They are concerned with... ...the design and implementation of a pressure chamber for extracellular recordings (BSc/MSc, details here),......temperature-mediated calcium stimulation in mammalian cells (MSc,...[mehr]


Pedro's and Leroy's paper on the reference-free detection of AgNP is out

The work describes the oxidative detection of silver nanoparticles without using a reference electrode and was recently published in ACS Sensors. In their experiments, Pedro and Leroy demonstrated how, using the open circuit potential of their setup, the electrochemical...[mehr]


Welcome to the team, Elmira!

Elmira Ansarinia has started working on her master's project in our group. She is developing an Android OS app for the use of real-time, on-site silver nanoparticle detection for point-of-use applications. Welcome to the group![mehr]


Welcome, Yen!

We welcome Yen Lin Chen to our team. Yen will characterize the electrophysiological signals from cells using microelectrode arrays. We wish Yen all the best in his experiments. Welcome to the group! [mehr]


Hiking retreat 2017!

Together with groups from Jülich and Naples, our group had their annual hiking retreat. This year, we visited Tannheimer Tal in Austria. After ascending to the Landsberger Hütte with beautiful weather, Saturday served us with mild rain when parts of the group did the via ferrata...[mehr]


PhD stipend awarded to Sabine!

After a successful interview in Gummersbach, Sabine was awarded a PhD stipend by the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung. Congratulations Sabine![mehr]