Functional near-infrared spectroscopy device Brite24 arrived!

We are happy to be recently in possession of a portable 24-channel functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) device from artinis, Netherlands. This device optically measures neuronal activity indirectly by the local blood oxygenation of the outer brain tissue, thus,...[mehr]


New 3D printer arrived!

We are excited to announce the arrival of our newly purchased MiiCraft50 printer, which is capable of printing high-resolution patterns with an X-Y resolution of 30 microns. So far, we have been using a MiiCraft100 printer to develop transparent and biocompatible devices...[mehr]


Congratulations to Ferdinand Feldhütter on the submission of his master’s thesis

Group member Ferdinand Feldhütter recently submitted his master’s thesis, titled an investigation of the effect of ambient humidity on the quality of printed structures. In order to carry out his research, Ferdinand successfully constructed a device to control the ambient...[mehr]


Welcome, Jameson!

Jameson Kief joins our group this summer to work on developing and implementing a closing mechanism for a soft cuff electrode. Jameson is currently studying mechanical engineering at MIT in Boston, Massachusetts, with a major in biomedical devices and a minor in brain and...[mehr]


New publication: printed MEAs on on soft materials

Fundamental investigations of bioelectrical signals in neural and cardiac systems commonly rely on silicon-based microelectrode arrays (MEAs). While MEAs have been used extensively to record and stimulate electrical activity of cells both in-vitro and in-vivo, thereby indicating...[mehr]


Welcome, Professor Yamamoto!

Professor Hideaki Yamamoto, of Tohoku University’s Hirano lab, joins our group for ten months as a visiting scientist. He will collaborate with us to develop novel biomimetic cell-device interfaces for cultured neurons. We wish Professor Yamamoto an enjoyable and fruitful...[mehr]


Welcome to the team, Moritz!

Moritz Hocher has just started working on his bachelor thesis in our group. His research focus is on the thermal stimulation of calcium signals in biological cells. We wish Moritz success in his experiments! [mehr]


Welcome, Suparno!

We welcome Suparno Pal to our team. He joined our team as a DAAD WISE summer research intern, and he will work on a digital circuit design for a portable nanoparticle detection that uses printed sensors. Welcome to the team![mehr]


Welcome to our lab, Touba!

Touba has started working on her Master's project in our group. She will focus on the fabrication of soft electrodes for neuronal stimulation. Welcome to the lab! [mehr]


Lennart finished his Master studies!

Lennart Weiß has successfully completed his master studies in electrical and computer engineering at the Technical University of Munich. The topic of his master thesis was “engineering mass transport in flow-over sensor systems for silver nanoparticle detection”. He will...[mehr]