PhD defense: Congratulations Ka My!

Ka My successfully defended her PhD thesis on “Microwire arrays for studying the influence of temperature gradients on the cellular behavior”. In her research, she investigated the thermal impacts on cellular behavior using the localized heating generated by microwire arrays. ...[mehr]


NEL group gets some brand-new equipment

Today, the NEL group received some exciting new equipment. Chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers, biologists and physicists met to help put together this important new arrival: a Weber barbecue! Assembling our new barbecue was a fun and animated team exercise and a...[mehr]


Professor Wolfrum Named Winner of the Supervisory Award!

We are incredibly proud of our chair, Professor Wolfrum, who has been awarded the TUM supervisory award by the TUM Graduate council on behalf of all doctoral candidates. The award is given in recognition of his outstanding supervision and education of his doctoral candidates....[mehr]


New Paper on 3D Printing of Microfluidic

The work of one of our PhD students, Sabine Zips, was recently published in the Advanced Materials Technologies. She proposed a clever solution for directly developing microfluidic devices on flexible electronics by chemically modifying the substrate prior to the process of 3D...[mehr]


NEL Group Featured in Electronica 2018

The NEL group’s work on flexible electronics for interfacing biological tissues has been featured in the medical electronics sector at the Electronica 2018 exhibition. To learn more about the featured research, see the video on YouTube:...[mehr]


Our Soft MEA on the News!

Many German and international news agencies have recently covered our work on printed MEA on soft materials for cellular recording that was published in npj Flexible Electronics. For example, phys.org, science daily, forbes, elektroniknet, eenewseurope,elektroniknet,...[mehr]


A warm welcome to our newest NEL members

As a new semester begins, the NEL group welcomes three students who hail from a range of scientific backgrounds. We welcome Julius Klass, a TUM bachelor’s student studying mechanical engineering, fellow bachelor’s candidate Philipp Krüger, a student of physics at LMU, and Xu...[mehr]


Hiking Retreat 2018!

Last weekend, our group had its annual hiking retreat. As in previous years, the retreat was held jointly with groups from Jülich and Naples. This year, we started our tour in Boden in the Lechtal from where we hiked to Hanauer Hütte on Friday afternoon. Saturday, we started the...[mehr]


New Master's project on versatile substrate coatings

In the fabrication of our printed sensing andstimulation arrays, excellent control over the wetting properties as well as supreme planarity of a surface are required. Many commercial substrates either do not deliver sufficient planarity or display surface energies that only fit...[mehr]


Welcome, George!

We welcome George Boustany to our group. Over the next nine weeks, George will be evaluating the signal from a functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) device to record brain activity in response to different stimuli. For this purpose, he will initially design a real-time...[mehr]