New paper from Philipp and Tsun-Ming

Our first paper together with Prof. Schlichtmann's chair of Electronic Design Automation is now online. In a joint work, Philipp and Tsun-Ming (EDA) investigated how electronic design automation can be applied to increase the robustness of inkjet-printed electronics. The paper...[more]


New Master's project on EEG-fNIRS BCIs (copy 1)

We have new Master project on the use of hybrid EEG-fNIRS data for the classification of sparse events in real-time data available. Details on the project can be found here. For a full overview of available BSc/MSc or internship topics, see here.[more]


New Master's projects available

We have recently started a project that aims at measuring the heat output of cells using highly sensitive parallelized sensor platforms. To this end, we use novel printing-based approaches to fabricate sensor arrays of 148 PTC sensors that are integrated into standard 96 well...[more]


Welcome to the team, Taylan!

Taylan Müslüman has started working on his master’s thesis in our group. He is currently developing a simulation environment for peripheral nerve stimulation. Taylan is currently studying master in electrical and computer engineering and master in management at TUM university....[more]


Welcome to our lab, Lukas!

Lukas Hiendlmeier has started working on his semester thesis in our group. He will focus on the optimization and characterization of a silicone hydrogel for additive manufactured microfluidics. Welcome to the lab! [more]


Welcome, Thomas!

We welcome Thomas Dickmann, a TUM masters’ student studying mechanical engineering. Thomas joins our team to further his work on his master’s thesis and will work primarily on developing and optimizing an environmental chamber suitable for multi-channel microelectrode...[more]


Welcome to the team, Emre!

Emre Mericboyu has just started working on his master’s thesis in our group. He will be working on designing a microfluidic system for silver nanoparticle detection. We wish Emre success in his experiments! [more]


New BSc/MSc projects available

We have new openings for students projects both at the BSc and MSc level. Motivated and dedicated students are welcome to take a look. Current openings include... ...the development of a stretching setup for the characterization of soft neural electrodes,......the design and...[more]


Welcome to the team, Lea!

Lea Straumann has just started working on her bachelor thesis in our group. Her research focus is on the silver nanoparticle detection using shielded microelectrode arrays. We wish Lea success in her experiments! [more]


Dr. Bhawana Thakur joins our team!

We are delighted to announce that Bhawana Thakur, Ph.D., has recently joined our team as a postdoc. Dr. Thakur has successfully secured funding from the EuroTech Postdoc Fellowship program to support her studies on the application of a metal organic framework-based electronic...[more]

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